Anonymous asked: "Later, without knowing why, Enjolras pulled at the collar of Grantaire's sweater, pressed his nose to the cloth. It smelled like wool, like vanilla, whiskey, oil paint and pine. Like Grantaire, he realized, breathing past a sudden ache in his throat."


R doesn’t want it back anyway

do you ever just insert your otp into out of context scenes from friends because

Anonymous asked: "Hi. I'm not a fan of le mis but I love your art, it's very good. But what led me to looking at your tumblr was your avengers/Harry potter drawing. :) I loved that coulson was in every house. But anyway, you're very talented and just awesome."

thank you very much! coulson belongs to house hogwarts and that’s it. :P

i feel kinda bad because the avengers art for me was a rather brief period of time but that post is still getting notes ;-;

nuggritz asked: "Hi you! i'm glad to see you're back on, I actually had a question.I finally decided to step out of my comfort zone and use photoshop but I really suck and linear art. Could you give me some tips on the type of brushes you use and such when you line art and color? It would me a lot to me since all your art is so clean and beautiful. THANKSFOR YOUR TIME! I use photoshop cs6."

Hi there, and thanks so much! I hate giving this advice as much as I hate receiving it, but it really is just practice. I’m assuming by “stepping out of your comfort zone” you mean that you’re a traditional media user trying digital? If you’re uncomfortable with the hardware, try rougher nibs or taping a piece of paper over the tablet (I did for a while, but kept getting food on it hahaha).

A warm up tip I learned recently is going over the same line repeatedly without making it thicker/hairy-looking. And even though that’s more of a traditional media exercise, it can’t hurt because like, I stroke+undo+repeat 5-15 times before settling on the “right” line, every line.

As for brushes, I typically use the photoshop’s default hard round for both lines and coloring, or these for more texture. Play with opacity, flow, and other brush settings in photoshop, especially Texture and Dual Brush if your computer can handle it. If you got dough to spare, I recently bought this kyle t webster guy’s watercolor brush set for really cool effects and more subtle shading, and these frenden pencil/inker presets.

Also make sure to take advantage of PS’s rotate view tool (should be keyboard shortcut r. i think it was added in like cs4??? so i was really excited when i found it lol) and always try to draw way bigger than necessary. Because I tend to zoom in and out a lot, and you don’t want zooming in to get pixelated, bleh.

Good luck!

these nerds feat. affectionate!jolras will be my downfall i just know it

these nerds feat. affectionate!jolras will be my downfall i just know it

twofrontteethstillcrooked replied to your post: HANDS TOUCH EYES MEET SUDDEN SILEEEENC…

man I just noticed *they are blushing* oh my god ::draws little hearts all over them and you and whoa hoping things ease up for you sooooon::

AWW i just saw this alsuhdfi thank you so much <3 Time is going by really weirdly idek

also thanks to you multiple anons even tho you are wrong, i am still awful

click for full size?


click for full size?

hi friends, sorry i’ve been off tumblr for quite a bit. i’m trying to get my shit in order irl or whatever.

if anyone else has sent me messages, chances are i’ve read them but am still trying to sort myself out before i get back to you.

anthonyisnotinrightnow replied to your post: Hey buddies, I’ve been really inactive…

Well Twitter works in that whoever follows your account shouldn’t be able to see it if it’s only mentioned via @ because you didn’t retweet it. They might be able to see if they manual type in and search your handle on Twitter and track it. But noted

That’s good to know, thank you!! I’ve been meaning to take down that twitter account anyway. One day if/when I ever make a point to actually use it, I’ll make a new one.

Hey buddies, I’ve been really inactive lately but I just wanted to make a post saying I’d appreciate y’all not to mention my NSFW artwork on Twitter via @. Please and thank you~

I don’t really know how Twittter works, but I’ve got family on there that follows my now-deactivated account.

On that note I think I’ll be making a separate nsfw art blog in the near future.



This blows my mind. I try not to give too much attention my follower count, mostly because it absolutely baffles me that at some point, each one of you decided my stuff was worth being updated on, however passively or impulsively or otherwise. It’s feeds my ego terribly. ;)

I might do something in celebration and thanks, but I’m not sure what yet?? I’m still reeling from the last milestone giveaway I attempted as well as trying to finish long overdue commissions and gifts sORRY. 2013 was not a good year for me, but I’m grateful I had y’all around.

Seriously, thank you SO. MUCH. For your support, your delightful tags and comments, your friendships. I hope I continue to not disappoint too much and that you appreciate how hard it was not to just keysmash through this entire post.


Oh, and extra shout out to those who’ve stuck with me through my various fandoms!



A phenomenal fuck-ton of arm references.

(The last image is a GIF; wait for it to load.)

[From various sources]

Oh my sweet baby jesus



Those Photoshop brushsets are created and shared by professionals and are free to use :


(©)m@ (Mathias Verhasselt)



(©)Goro (Goro Fujita) 



(©)Barontieri (Thierry Doizon)



(©)Bumskee (Min Yum)



(©)CptObvious (Maciej Kuciara)BRUSHES #1   BRUSHES #2


(©)Tuomas Korpi 



(©)Kekai Kotaki



(©)Shaddy Safadi


credit goes to creators and pandemonium art

(there are even more brushsets on the list)

i&#8217;m sad about not doing anything for the fantasy au week but here&#8217;s a thing from a while back. I like the cropped version better but click through to see some butt-touchin&#8217;

i’m sad about not doing anything for the fantasy au week but here’s a thing from a while back. I like the cropped version better but click through to see some butt-touchin’