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Anonymous asked: "Have you thought about changing the text or image to 'Scott the Wolf'? Surely this would avoid hurting people who are concerned about the slur 'dog'."

I don’t believe the wording is the only problem. Anyway this isn’t about “fixing” or “saving” it until no one has an issue with it anymore, but about acknowledging the whole situation happened in the first place.

Anonymous asked: "The thing is. You're deleting this and feeling bad because of stupid opinions. This isn't even racist or SJW worthy this is actually stupid. You drew Scott as a dog and if people want to make that racist by reaching REALLY FAR for some kind of OMG HE IS LATINO AND SHE MADE HIM A DOG comment... that's them. I know you're deleting it anyway but I really hope you get thicker skin about this kind of thing. It always happens."

I’m sorry that my ways of coping do not measure up to yours, that I can’t help but feel bad for making others feel bad, and that I want to stop beating myself over it by symbollically letting it go.

Anonymous asked: "YOU ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR OVERSENSITIVE SJW'S FEELINGS. Do not delete your art. It's their problem if they don't like it; there are tumblr extensions that allow them to block the post and never see it again. They can just scroll. 'Problematic' is such an empty buzzword these days, and it's so overused on this website that it became a synonym of 'something I personally dislike' rather than something truly offensive. Don't give in to wank generated by resident fandom idiots :/"

Disliking something and being offended by it is not the same.

Disliking is “I don’t like this drawing style/coloring/crossover”—I wouldn’t delete a post because of that. But someone seeing it as reinforcing a bigger picture that goes way beyond just me is worth considering.

If I step on your foot by accident I’m still going to apologize. That’s not “giving in.”

I’m deleting it for me. It will still exist elsewhere on tumblr and the internet, with and without criticisms.

Anonymous asked: "Good grief. All the pathetic SJW whiners on your TW/AT post make me want to do 5 million drawings of Scott as a dog. Talk about oversensitive and missing the point entirely. He's the dog bc he's a werewolf, not because he's half-Mexican. FFS people. But once the rabid (dog joke) Scott defense squad gets their knickers in a twist, they attack you like pit bulls. Stay strong. There's nothing wrong with your drawing at all."

While my intention was a werewolf/dog joke, it doesn’t exist in a vacuum! I don’t believe anyone has attacked me personally over this, but either way I just wanted to acknowledge that what I made wasn’t cool by some people.

santafe-iron asked: "This TW/AT thing is about defending one character over others, not racism, from what I can gather, and you can't stop hate by running from it, deleting it, etc. Leave it there, let us enjoy the wonderful art, and let critics be critics. If you can, that is. If it's too much, I'd be happy to host it (and I have like NO followers ;D so it won't be a huge deal)."

I could request a full removal by filing for DMCA takedown, but I won’t because I think it’s important that its reblogs—especially the ones with commentary—still exist.

Deleting it is more a gesture than a solution, meaning that I don’t want it on my blog and art tag anymore.

ameround replied to your post “Hey guys, heads up that I’m going to delete that Teen Wolf/Adventure…”

yoooo, can u elaborate this just a little? how is that racist? 0:

You can find pretty recent reblog-commentary in the post’s notes that go into it. I realize most people didn’t see it that way but that doesn’t mean it’s not problematic, accidentally or not.

And tbh this my way of un-stressing for the future if I get a bunch of notes for it again.

Hey guys, heads up that I’m going to delete that Teen Wolf/Adventure Time crossover doodle from when I didn’t know what kind of problematic shit a thoughtless fandom joke could perpetuate.

I should’ve taken it down when the issue first cropped up, but it’s been making the rounds again so I guess better late than never. I don’t want it on my blog reinforcing any racist implications anymore, no matter how unintentional.

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Anonymous asked: "Later, without knowing why, Enjolras pulled at the collar of Grantaire's sweater, pressed his nose to the cloth. It smelled like wool, like vanilla, whiskey, oil paint and pine. Like Grantaire, he realized, breathing past a sudden ache in his throat."


R doesn’t want it back anyway

do you ever just insert your otp into out of context scenes from friends because

Anonymous asked: "Hi. I'm not a fan of le mis but I love your art, it's very good. But what led me to looking at your tumblr was your avengers/Harry potter drawing. :) I loved that coulson was in every house. But anyway, you're very talented and just awesome."

thank you very much! coulson belongs to house hogwarts and that’s it. :P

i feel kinda bad because the avengers art for me was a rather brief period of time but that post is still getting notes ;-;

nuggritz asked: "Hi you! i'm glad to see you're back on, I actually had a question.I finally decided to step out of my comfort zone and use photoshop but I really suck and linear art. Could you give me some tips on the type of brushes you use and such when you line art and color? It would me a lot to me since all your art is so clean and beautiful. THANKSFOR YOUR TIME! I use photoshop cs6."

Hi there, and thanks so much! I hate giving this advice as much as I hate receiving it, but it really is just practice. I’m assuming by “stepping out of your comfort zone” you mean that you’re a traditional media user trying digital? If you’re uncomfortable with the hardware, try rougher nibs or taping a piece of paper over the tablet (I did for a while, but kept getting food on it hahaha).

A warm up tip I learned recently is going over the same line repeatedly without making it thicker/hairy-looking. And even though that’s more of a traditional media exercise, it can’t hurt because like, I stroke+undo+repeat 5-15 times before settling on the “right” line, every line.

As for brushes, I typically use the photoshop’s default hard round for both lines and coloring, or these for more texture. Play with opacity, flow, and other brush settings in photoshop, especially Texture and Dual Brush if your computer can handle it. If you got dough to spare, I recently bought this kyle t webster guy’s watercolor brush set for really cool effects and more subtle shading, and these frenden pencil/inker presets.

Also make sure to take advantage of PS’s rotate view tool (should be keyboard shortcut r. i think it was added in like cs4??? so i was really excited when i found it lol) and always try to draw way bigger than necessary. Because I tend to zoom in and out a lot, and you don’t want zooming in to get pixelated, bleh.

Good luck!

these nerds feat. affectionate!jolras will be my downfall i just know it

these nerds feat. affectionate!jolras will be my downfall i just know it

twofrontteethstillcrooked replied to your post: HANDS TOUCH EYES MEET SUDDEN SILEEEENC…

man I just noticed *they are blushing* oh my god ::draws little hearts all over them and you and whoa hoping things ease up for you sooooon::

AWW i just saw this alsuhdfi thank you so much <3 Time is going by really weirdly idek

also thanks to you multiple anons even tho you are wrong, i am still awful

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