GOLLY I’m still really overwhelmed by how much Hogwartvengers is STILL exploding, so thank you!! I promise I’ll get to all your thoughtful messages (if really out of order, sorry about that) eventually, because I appreciate every one! jsyk, on Friday I’m leaving for San Francisco until the 8th, so art BY me is unlikely during that time.

HOWEVER, this is by no means a one-ways street! Err, fandom! I’m so grateful for all the fantastic derivative work and ideas you’re all sending me for some reason, ME. Can I call you my babies? SO ~I made a tag list~ that this big ol’ family will hopefully find helpful for collaborating and sharing ideas.

On that note, I don’t know if I’ll be reblogging ALL your lovely art and writing from now on, because, well, this is an art blog, and not a Hogwartvengers blog. |D”

BUT I CAN TRY! I’ve enabled the Submit feature even though I REALLY have no idea how it works. For you Anons who don’t have a tumblr or if you want to send me a non-tagged-tumblr link or something idk…

Love you!