more assorted hogwartvengers asks/replies

on Pepper, Loki, Jane, Selvig, and skinny Steeb

I left the dates per usual so you can see how awful I am at letting asks pile up

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Anonymous asked: "So in the hogwartvengers verse is Captain America the boy who lived? Like was he attacked by a evil wizard in is first year and spend a lot of years freezed until they finally found a cure?"

That’s possible! Other ideas that people have shared with me about this are in my re: backstory tag, though I personally like ones involving Steve and a Time Turner. :>

misc. hogwartvengers messages: headcanons

on Steve’s serum, Loki’s family, Clint being an animagus, patronuses, and Janet

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werewolf!bruce messages

Anonymous asked: 

As long as we’re playing with theories, how about (Young!) Bruce trying to improve the wolfsbane potion and, well, not succeeding?

Anonymous asked: 

Think about it- he’s curious (and a bit arrogant, just not quite as apparent with it as Tony is), and thinks “ha! I could improve this- it could be like muggle vaccinations- you just have to add stronger concentrations of….”) and it goes wrong.

tony-jadejaws-banner asked: 

I’ve been thinking way to much about Bruce and how he became a werewolf. I love the story from the 2003 Hulk movie where he was kind of born with his condition, and was thinking maybe do something like that. His dad being a werewolf, he’s born a werewolf like Teddy where he’s normal, but has some lupine (/special skill in transforming?) traits. But he knows something is wrong about himself, and in trying to find out, ends up getting himself really bitten and turned at a young age. *shrug*

aaah I like the idea of combining lycanthropy/biology + this own tinkering (a la SCIENCE).

I actually haven’t seen the 2003 Hulk movie ausdhfla |D

dedenne asked: "about loki being a giant- remember how grawp was really small for a giant and he was abandoned? the same thing could happen to loki and when thor's parents find him they do a spell to make him smaller (instead of the whole removing blue skin thing) and one day in class they're working with appearance changing spells and when his is reversed after the lesson he gets really big and everyone thinks it was just a spell gone wrong but he knows something's up so he writes home about it and??? idk idk"

I do like the jotun —> giant thing, so if some-magical-thing’s done about size it could definitely work. 8) Because size was personally my only concern with that correlation, haha.

nerdgirlstrikesback asked: "For Steve, maybe he was using a Time Turner, but when he got to the future, it broke, and this was already after all the other time turners had been broken in OotP? I don't know, that's just what I think would have happened. I love your art, by the way! :3"

Ahh, that’s a good one too~ I love how I’m like “Idk any magical equivalents of bein’ serum’d or cryo’d up lawl” and you guys are all like BAM! VIABLE IDEAS!

Oh and THANK YOU! <3

more arc reactor messages

werestillflying asked: 
08/01/2012 at 1:51 pm

So I was just wondering about Tony’s arc reactor. I know in some AU’s Tony has a heart condition instead of the arc reactor. But I was just thinking about how Tony’s arc reactor wouldn’t work on Hogwarts grounds.

Anonymous asked:
08/03/2012 at 12:23 am

the arcreactor is actually a good luck charm that his caretaker, pepper, enchanted to glow whenever tony feels sa she gave it to him before he started school. there was this whole thing at the beginning of his first year when the professors said he needed to take it off, so tony stuck it to his body permanently and no one has been able to take it off.

Anonymous asked: 
08/03/2012 at 12:30 am

same anon as before with the arc reactor. it doesn’t have to be pepper, it could have been his dad, or dummy the house elf(:D) it’s just something someone gave tony for when he has too many feels.

shapeshifter226 asked: 
08/03/2012 at 2:30 pm

well, if you want an angsty reason for the arc reactor, then Tony could be born a sqib and his father never acknowledged his unmagical son so tony went and did something risky/dangerous/smart and found/stole/earned/made the reactor to give himself magic. And noe is fascinated with inventing things to help people. (I like the idea of him making it, but he’d have to have done it very young to get into hogwarts. Maybe something with unicorns and stab wounds?)

casianh asked: "Has anyone come up with an explanation/some kinda magic amulet/something to give Hogwartvengers' Tony his arc reactor?"

O: Not that I know of! (Although I am kind of falling behind. It’s been a hectic day!) As much as I love angsty AU backstories for the arc reactor, they’re only kids in this one. ;A;


doctorgammaradiation asked: "((hey, you're the one doing this new Hogwarts/avengers thing, so I had a quick suggestion for you-you said you were considering making Thor a pure blood and Loki some halfbreed or something. I think you should roll with the pure blood thing and then have it so Loki was an orphan and the ministry forced him onto Thor's family. Also, huge fan of all of this, but I waswondering if maybe you could develop pepper a bit more? Also, can this expand off tumblr and unto the rest of the Internet, or no?"

HELLO & thank you <3

Hmm, Loki knowing he’s adopted would certainly make young Loki a lot more bitter than if he finds out later. Could be interesting!

Haha, it’s really up to everyone else in this big happy creative family if it goes off tumblr—I was just a catalyst, I think. I’m no writer, and I just wanted to get my art blog going. I’ll probably post a compilation of stuff from here onto my deviantart, but that’s all I personally have planned. :)

EDIT: totally documenting for my own reference but bam! Because this crossover was around long before my meddling, so I just want people to know there’s no need to credit or ask me about it. xD”

Anonymous asked: "or maybe he just tells people it was a skele-grow accident, because he can't tell them the truth...? i don't know."


i like this idea too aaah you guys are making me really excited

Anonymous asked: "What if Steve was accidently given too much Skele-Grow at some point?"


Anonymous asked: "About Loki possibly being an animagus. I read one thing where he was actually a Metamorphmagus (like Tonks) He is a shapeshifter in canon and I rather liked the idea. Of course this is all entirely up to you."

OMG I completely forgot that metamorphmagus was like, a THING. xD” Animagus was the only concept I could think of in terms of shapeshifting but aaaah I like this one a lot better! 

iaintjeezy asked: "OH. And another possible way to keep Steve as Captain America: His father is in the US Army and gets stationed in Lakenheath Royal Airforce Base (It's an English/American Airforce Base just an hour outside of London). His father could've been stationed at Lakenheath while Steve was still attending the American School of Wizardry, and had to Transfer into Hogwarts so he could stay with his family. asdf, I don't know. I just thought of all this on the spot, I want to help, haha."

alkjsdf omg that’s a good one too! I like the idea of Steve still being very AMERICAN despite Hogwarts being in the UK (when it comes to nationalities and stuff in crossovers I just kind of say shhh just roll with it lol). I love that you all are sending me these Hogwartvenger ideas aaah. Publishing for others to see! :D

iaintjeezy asked: "Couldn't the super serum for Steve in the Hogwarts AU just be the result of a Potion? Perhaps Howard Stark works for the Ministry, and whilst researching ways to amplify the natural strength of Magic in wizards, tests one of his Potions on Steve, only to have it give him his Captain America powers?"

Oooh, interesting! I wonder what qualities made Steve a contender tho? Maybe he was a squib??

the-da-vinci-of-our-time asked: "One more question about Hogwartvengers (well, one more for the moment until I remember another one |D): How much of the group's lives would you want to be canon in the crossover, like Clint running away to join the circus or Tony's parents dying in a plane crash? I just want to know, in case I have to go study up on their lives. ;D [/flies out but crashes into the doorframe first]"

omg are you really asking me klasjdfa <3 I’m actually not all that familiar with anything but movieverse and snippets of comic I see on tumblr (and they’re almost always out of context for the lulz) and well, fics. x)

But umm, I feel like Clint and Natasha’s could be pretty close to canon up to a point, but more toned down? They’d only be 11 when it changes, after all. Maybe they can both see Thestrals when not a lot of first years can, and that kind of thing. Anyway, I think they’d be Muggleborn (Clint could’ve been in like, a Wizard circus tho so he’d’ve grown up knowing about magic) and thus always underestimated, but they prove everyone wrong in no time.

Steve in  AUs is really tricky, because of the skinny Steve/serum thing in canon, but I’ve read a lot of non-sciencey AUs handling it as going through having a really late growth spurt and lots of working out. I can’t really think of a magical equivalent of his origin story. |D

You can go a lot of ways with Tony. (If you know what I mean jk jk.) I was trying to decide whether I’d like Tony to be pureblood (and have like, Malfoy status in the Wizarding World) but my friendo blue-wo1f suggested he be Muggleborn, and Howard be who Howard is in canon, but their relationship getting screwed up even more when Tony’s Hogwarts letter arrives. And I when is it that his parents die anyway? When he’s like 15 or something, right? So that could still happen. D:

You decide whether Bruce was a young werewolf (like Remus) or it happened later during idk, some Astronomy observation late one night in the forest. P:

Thor in my head is from a long line of (noble? foreign?) Pureblood wizards. His movie story is kind of hard to translate into the HPverse since, again, he’ll be really young still.

Loki is probably unknowingly Halfblood (we could take the jotun = giant route, but that’d be really weird considering Hagrid… xD) but more intolerant towards Muggles than his actually-Pureblood family. And/or maybe he’s an animagus?

BUT ANYWAY the beauty of crossovers is that everyone has different interpretations, so let your imagination run wild & good luck!